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We have all heard the phrase “Failure to plan is a plan to FAIL”. So why do so many businesses not put in place a strategic marketing plan that helps them focus on growing their business? It is simple…they don’t know the right questions to ask, and they don’t know how to use the information that is readily available in their business RIGHT NOW to help set the direction for their company. Media Tech Plus has the experts to help you through that process, and use your in-house experts to form a successful strategic plan that differentiates you from your competition.

Strategic Planning, Branding and Product Design, Campaign Development, Integrated Marketing Plans, Tradeshow Planning

Whether you have in-house resources or not, knowing how to design with production specifications in mind can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Media Tech Plus has the design staff and experience to guide you through the process, and minimize the risk of re-designing on the back-end because you did not know what you did not know. Of course, if you prefer, we can always do it for you, and take the guess work out of the equation!

Graphic Design, Video Production, Web Design, Branding Identity

The creative and consistent presentation of your brand message and brand identity are the keys to creating a lasting impression of your company. It has been proven that you need at least 8 touch points with your company name, image, and message for your target market to put you at TOP OF MIND status when they need your services. Using every medium at your disposal to drive home that point is critical. More importantly, having a partner that has the ability to produce the collateral, in-house, and ensure the messaging is consistent, means you don’t have to worry about it never being right!

Web Hosting, Print Publication, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplication, Flash Drive Duplication

So how do you deliver RESULTS? You DEVELOP a strategy, DESIGN your collateral, DUPLICATE your message and then you EXECUTE! Most marketing agencies don’t have the in-house resources to manage the execution. They outsource the REAL WORK. At Media Tech Plus, we have our own hosted servers for your website, a fulfillment center for your mail campaigns, state of the art digital presses and finishing equipment to finish your collateral, and CD/DVD/Blu-Ray packaging lines to create product bundles. All this in our Orlando, FL location so you can stop by at ANY TIME to discuss your project. THAT is how you DELVER RESULTS!

Event Management, Lead Generation, Website Hosting, Direct Mail, Pick/Pack/Ship Fulfillment